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Christian Entrepreneurs!

Christians often look to do business with Christian business owners when given the choice.  Christian commerce is a big business and many areas of merchandise is being directly marketed to believers.  Christian believers can really show a great deal of economic power in the marketplace as evidenced by the movie by Mel Gibson’s movie, Passion, that was the top grossing movie in cinema history. 

Christian Business Directory

Be sure to browse our directory of believer owned businesses that are trying to make a difference in the world, one client or customer at a time. 

Christian Entrepreneurs Networking

Christian business networking offers the most effective way to build your  business. Hopefully this Christian web directory will provide the necessary tools for businesses to also find one another. 

Christian Business Directory Be sure to browse our directory of believer owned businesses that are trying to make a difference in the world, one client or customer at a time.

Definition of a Christian Business

A Christian business is one that honors God or that God approves of.  Most Christian entrepreneurs want to hear "Well done thou good and faithful servant" at the end of their days. Since the majority of the their adult life is spent in the business world, it only makes sense to share their beliefs with others as the opportunity arises.  The Christian business owner wants to share Christian testimony, but definitely desires to serve their key customer.

If you have a Christian business opportunity or know of one we should know about, please contact us or use our Post An Offer link to get it set up.

How to Be Included In Our Christian Business Directory

We accept into our directory only businesses with a Christian belief system, as well as quality service. While it is our intention that the businesses and services listed in this directory are owned/operated or managed by Christians, sometimes other entities take over domains or businesses after the listing is placed.  We cannot always 100% assurance that every business listing is legitimately Christian owned.  But we do ask for others to report any offending sites to use for removal from the directory. 

Christians Reaching Out Through Business

Starting a business is a way for Christians to go beyond the church walls to promote our Christian faith.   All the links we provide on Christian eBuy are are businesses that in good faith are owned by Christians. We are glad to announce that we are reaching out to expand the network Christian believers in business through the Internet. If you are shopping for goods online, why not go with a Christian retailer?  Reach out and help your Christian brethren prosper!