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PIN-less Dialing Option!

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What is PIN-less dial?


PIN-less dial enables the phone card user with the ability to make a call without having to enter a PIN. The feature is set up from one specific phone or primary phone that the user makes most calls from.Christian PhoneCards

How do Pinless Dialing Calling Cards Work?

PIN-less dial does not eliminate the use of an access number, the user must still enter an access number, this is the only way to access our system.

PIN-less does exactly what it says and removes the need to enter a pin as long as the user is calling from their primary phone.

Once the user has entered the access number instead of the system asking for a pin it will just ask to enter the destination number.

First, set up PINless Dialing by calling the toll free number listed with the instructions you’ll receive with your card. You will need your telephone number and your card’s PIN # (PIN # is under scratch off panel on the back of the card. ONLY use coin or fingernail to scratch). – Then when making a call the user only has to enter the access number, (the card system recognizes your phone number and waives the need to enter the PIN). Then enter the destination number as usual.

If the customer wants to use the service away from their primary phone they will still have to use a pin to complete a call.

Next, program the 866 access # into your phone’s speed dial. Then just touch the speed dial button and dial as usual. Its that EASY!

We suggest you use your card for ALL your long distance calling. This way you know every call is generating income for the organization you are supporting, AND you are getting a terrific rate of 3.9 cents a minute on ALL your long distance calls within the continental US. Everyone Wins!!

Thank you again and may God richly bless you.


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