How to Start a Catering Business


If you ever thought about starting a catering business?  A catering business can be a rewarding profession for a Christian to do.  Jesus was all about the multitudes when they were hungry. Catering, as a business, is a profitable business that anyone can start from anywhere. There’s not a shortage of people who want to eat and crowds needing to be fed.  From church luncheons to corporate business meetings, There is high demand for starting a catering business in almost every community.  To get started in the catering industry, it is recommended that you do some things to get familiar with how catering is done.

Here’s a list of some things that you can do when you are deciding whether or not you want to start a catering business:

  1. This may sound obvious, but work for a caterer first.  – This way, you can get to know the ins and outs of running a catering business from an employee standpoint. This will give you firsthand knowledge of how the day-to-day hands-on operations are carried out as you feed a crowd. Find a caterer that you respect and asked them if you can apprentice with them.You may find caterers that are not willing to train up in competition, but there are others that are willing to take you under their wing.  Look for those opportunities.
  2. Go to To a culinary school   – While formal education is not required, it is a good idea to get the foundations of cooking by going to a culinary school.  It will give you a foundation of food preparation to build on when you start your catering business.
  3. Work for a chef –  Working for a professional chef can give you the opportunity to learn the basics of how to work with speed and endurance when you’re preparing food for a number of people.  You can’t get this experience just anywhere else.  In the kitchen, shifts do not like to spend much time with long explanations or dillydallying around. Speed is the key to get food out the door in a restaurant.  Knowing all the ins and outs of doing what a chef does can help you in your catering business.
  4. Help a friend with an event pro-bono –  Offering to help a friend in need during an event like a wedding, birthday, or even a funeral, Can give you some good insight to whether or not you want to be a caterer.  Will be able to help a friend in need and gain some insight into how to feed a number of people.
  5. Learn all the laws of your state relating to catering – In some states, it is illegal to start a catering business out of your home.This can result in fines and problems with your local or state government.  It is best to find out all the requirements before you start your business.
  6. Do a lot of reading on how to start a catering business – As with anything, knowledge is power.  There is no reason to trail blaze your own path when there are people who have already been successful in the field of catering And have written books about the subject.  You can find a number of books on Amazon own catering by going here.

Tips to remember when starting a catering business

  1. Develop a business plan – There are a number of resources on the Internet that teach you how to develop a business plan for a catering business, but you need to find out yourself what is needed to be profitable by putting pen to paper and projecting out future profits. This will give your catering business a clear roadmap to success before it ever begins.
  2. Obtain all the required licensing with your local and state government – The county or state health department will need to inspect your kitchen for food safety violations. I would suggest approaching your local Chamber of Commerce to find out what is needed.
  3. Write down all the inventory that you going to need – While catering can be done on a shoestring budget it will require a number of items to get the job done.  Things like serving plates & dishes, coolers, heating trays, glasses, etc was possible equipment like commercial dishwashers and ovens are important to making your catering business profitable.
  4. Start small – You’re asking for trouble when you try to start catering for a large crowd crowd with no experience. A number of things can happen that are unexpected and can create a bad customer experience. Plus you can blow through a budget really quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing.  One bad job in your community can get you off on the wrong foot, and doing that for a large crowd can make things even worse.
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