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Are you looking to get christian phone card?  If you are, then we can definitely recommend a source for Christian phonecards now, and that is Christian PhoneCards  
Christian Phone Cards offers a great 3.9¢  rate on their christian calling cards and the ordering process is simple and straight forward.  Their site is not completed yet but the main place where you order, in the forms for the $10 and $20 Christian cards, is operational and worked great here.  
Give them a try because you can’t really find better phone cards on the market for the price and benefits of having the profit donated to Christian charities.  This card is offered through Blessed Hope Communications and is a wonderful way to help out ministry.  

One great feature of this card is the fact that it is a pinless phone card.  It


If you travel a lot or just want to save on your local in-state rates and use it at home or work, then just program it into your phone and go with it.   

Review = A+  Christian eBuy Christian Business Directory   


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